Seidr is a shamanic and spiritual practice that has it's origins in antiquity. It was practiced by Norse and Germanic peoples as well as the indigenous Saami people. What cultural or anthropological knowledge we have of Seidr comes from mention of it in some of the Icelandic Sagas dating back a thousand years. Seidr was practiced for many generations in Scandinavia, Britain and Europe amongst the Norse and Germanic people prior to the Icelandic writings. Vikings likely brought Seidr to Britain and surely British woman taken back to Scandinavia and Iceland by the Vikings embraced the Seidr wise woman tradition.

Seidr incorporates shamanic journeying, with the use of song and staff to empower it.

It was and is practiced for healing,for divination, for shape shifting, for weather-working, for herbal lore work, and for oracular communion with compassionate spirit beings for the purpose of helping communities and individuals. Seidr is powerful, direct and very versatile.

I was introduced to Seidr in England where it has been offered and embraced as a root part of western shamanism. My teachers, Karen Kelly and Shenoah Taylor were in turn taught by Annette Host who has been studying, practicing and teaching Seidr for more than 2 decades. For myself, I feel the power of Seidr has luminous aspects of both individual gnosis and a transmission of lineage connection and power. I am truly grateful To Annette, to Shenoah and Karen for their contribution in the re-emergence of Seidr in shamanic practice and excited to introduce this beautiful practice in America.

Historically, as presented through Norse myths, Seidr is connected with the the goddess Freya, the god Odin and the 3 sisters known as the Norns. The staffs used in Seidr can become extensions of the World Tree, a motif common to many shamanic traditions. The origins of Seidr probably reach much farther back to the Great Mother goddess traditions that Freya is a daughter of.

It is my pleasure to teach Seidr and to spark the excitement that Seidr practice brings to it's practitioners. Please join me in experiencing Seidr as a solo practice, a Nature Practice and a community practice.

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