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Full! Spirit-Wise Series for Women in Boulder, Colorado

Spirit-Wise Series in 9 Parts,
Boulder, Colorado

This is an advanced experiential series for women, where each weekend builds upon the previous one. Sovereignty is a concept, a multitude of Goddesses and something to strive for. Join us for three 3-day sessions in the Mystery Traditions exploring Sovereignty with a committed community of shamanic practitioners. Deepen into the path of the elders, connect with the Ladies of the Lake and the Sovereignty Goddesses, build new mediumship skills, and bring Betsy’s impeccable spiritual hygiene into your everyday life.

Betsy has an exceptional ability to hold safe space while also creating group cohesion through sacred circle technology. Betsy’s gift is to bring through ancient wisdom for our contemporary times.

Pre-requisite: Introduction to Mediumship and Seidr. For current classes, see www.betsybergstrom.com.

To apply, contact Ann Drucker drucker.ann@gmail.com. Space is limited, and her offerings fill up fast. We are very fortunate that Betsy is traveling to our area to teach.

Cost for the series: $1800. $300 non-refundable deposit required upon acceptance (holds your place).



To apply, contact Ann Drucker drucker.ann@gmail.com.
Email: drucker.ann@gmail.com


Mediumship and Seidr taught by Betsy Bergstrom

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