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Experience Constellations at Current Healing in Seattle

Family, Systemic and Community Constellation Work Sunday July 30 Facilitated by Karen Stocker

Experience Constellations at Current Healing in Seattle at West Lake Union with master Seattle Facilitator Karen Stocker

Constellations are beautiful collaborative processes that offer power ful exploration of issues, ranging from family, personal, work or health-related safe to political, environmental, community-related. The work reveals underlying systemic dynamics, patterns, entanglements, and resources. Constellations open pathways to "restore the flow of love..."
Hours: 9:30 - 5:30
Fee: Full day $70 930-530
or partial day $40.00 Morning (9:30 - 1) afternoon (2 - 5:30)
Scholarships available!
Register with Connie Rogers hometeamhealing@gmail.com Questions, Connie Rogers or Karen Stocker 206 363-5555 x 1064


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