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Journeying in the Moment with Lorelei Hewitt

A beginning class for the art of the shamanic journey July 8 and 9, 2017 in Seattle

Journeying in the Moment is a basic class that teaches the art of dropping into a deep state of trance. Whether you are investigating your non-physical surroundings, your clients needs, or your own energy field, the skill of psychically tuning in using an expanded state of awareness is essential for a grounded spiritual practice.

In this two day workshop, you will learn basic skills that will enable you to:

Develop a daily practice that will help you strengthen your energy field.
Explore your relationship with Helping Spirits.
Journey with and without the aide of a rattle, drum, or eye covering.
Journey on behalf of someone else to access information for them.
Journey in the present moment to learn about your immediate environment.

The Teacher: Lorelei Hewitt is an energy worker, meditation teacher, trance medium and Seidr practitioner who lives in Redmond, WA. She has been practicing and teaching meditation for over 30 years. Lorelei has co-hosted radio shows for over 5 years, including “Soul Sirens of Seattle”, “It’s Not Just You”, and a new Facebook Live show “The Musings of Modern Mystics”.

Cost: $150.00 Hours: 10-5
To register:
Contact Lorelei lorelei.hewitt.healer@gmail.com


Email: lorelei.hewitt.healer@gmail.com

Registration Details:

Contact Lorelei Hewitt : lorelei.hewitt.healer@gmail.com

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