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Honoring the Ancestors in the Eastern Slavic Tradition with Gabriela Sarna

Honoring the Ancestors in the Eastern Slavic Tradition with Gabriela Sarna November 2 , 2019 in Seattle
1836 Westlake Ave N, Suite 202 Seattle WA 98109
10-5 pm

A Workshop with Gabriela Sarna in Seattle, WA
Saturday, November 2nd, 2019
10 am – 5 pm
October and November are viewed by many cultures as powerful times when the veil between the world of the living and the dead is very thin. This time creates a beautiful opportunity for remembering and honoring the Ancestors and the Departed Beloved. “Dziady,” a Polish term which means Forefathers’ Eve or Grandfathers’ Feast is an ancient custom of commemorating the dead. It was practiced in the regions of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine for hundreds of years even after the conversion to Christianity.
During our time together you will learn about “Dziady” as a practice as well as about the customs, beliefs and origins of East Slavic ancestral veneration. We will discuss the Gods, Goddesses and Spirits of the “other” realms and about the nature of these realms themselves. The concept of the soul, reincarnation and beliefs around the afterlife will be explored along with importance of the role the Ancestors held for Slavic people. Both pagan and current Catholic practices and prayers will be shared.
The workshop will be part lecture and part ceremony and tuning in with an emphasis on honoring the Ancestors in a good way. People from all ancestral backgrounds are welcome.
Gabriela was born and raised in Poland and immigrated to the US with her parents in 1989. She is a practitioner of ancestral and regional folk magic, shamanism and divination. She is committed to share, research and help preserve the knowledge of folk healing traditions and beliefs from Poland and Eastern Europe. To find out more about Gabriela, visit www.allgateswithin.com

Cost $85


Lake Union

Space will be limited to 20 people. For more information or to register, please email: gabriela@allgateswithin.com.

Contact: gabriela@allgateswithin.com.
Email: gabriela@allgateswithin.com



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For registration forms and more information, please contact Gabriela at gabriela@allgateswithin.com

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