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Norse Mystery Tradition/ Seidr, Runes and Galder July 22 and 23

Norse Mystery Tradition Seidr, Runes and Galder July 22 and 23, 2017 Saturday and Sunday *Spin with the Norns on July 21

Part 2
Seidr, Runes and Galdr - an Introduction on July 22 and 23 with an optional Spin with the Norns on Friday, July21
July 22 and 23, 2017
Bring your staff, a set of runes, a head covering and a willingness to sing. In this introduction to Seidr and the Runes, we explore the power of our voice coupled with the power and meaning of the Runes to sing our own magical and intentional songs known as Galdr. We link with the power of Odin and Freya and Yggdrasil.
Hours are 10-5 pm Fee: $200.00     

To register: contact betsy@betsybergstrom.com with the subject of:Seidr Runes Galder

For those attending: A spinning get-together will happen the day before on July 21st. Learn to spin, continue the motion of the Norns.
Please RSVP this late afternoon "Spin with the Norns" taught by Laure Porche' at betsy@betsybergstrom.com


For a registration form, please contact betsy@betsybergstrom.com
Phone: 206-216-1198



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