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Full! Advanced Compassionate Depossession Oct 3-6,2019 in Seattle

4-Day Non-Residential Training
October 3-6, 2019

This course has a prerequisite which is Compassionate Depossession taught by Betsy Bergstrom or affiliated teachers. This course is designed for serious shamanic and healthcare practitioners who are finding the need for advanced skills in safe depossession practices. This 4-day non-residential workshop, taught by Betsy Bergstrom provides an opportunity to delve deeper into practice of Compassionate Depossession.

Building on the the skills and comprehensive training that is included in Compassionate Depossession, this course begins with a comprehensive review of the terrain covered in Compassionate Depossession. This training deepens the skills of the practitioner and provides a variety of safe protocols with which to undertake cases with multiple possession, ancestral or paranormal aspects. This material goes far beyond the basic depossession dialogue process. The goal of the class is to add diversity, depth and power to a practitioner's ability to work with suffering beings. Together we take the training to new levels of awareness that will help a practitioner handle the tougher cases of depossession illness. This training will help to sharpen diagnostic abilities and will deepen the confidence level of the practitioner.

Included in the training are demonstrations of Compassionate Depossession, familiarization with the Middleworld, preparation necessary to safely practice the work, including helpful spirit initiations and practical experience performing the work of Compassionate Depossession.

This workshop contains many practical skills for the shamanic practitioner as well as knowledge that counselors and psychotherapists can utilize in their practices.

In addition, we will explore:
-Strengthening our personal connection to our True Selves and other protective and empowering spirit allies
-Learn how to summon the True Self in others, including possessing spirits and entities.
-We will look at the complexities of multiple possession and its relationship with other illnesses
-We look at darker energy beings and how to work with them
-Tools to remain objective, compassionate and safe and to receive the clearest information while doing this work.

The prerequisite for this class is Compassionate Depossession taught by Betsy Bergstrom other affiliates.

Registration Deadline: Sep 28 2019


Seattle on Lake Union in the Current Healing Workshop space of Betsy Bergstrom.

9:30am-6pm Thursday, 10am-6pm Friday and Saturday, and 10am-4pm Sunday

Contact: Betsy Bergstrom
Email: betsy@betsybergstrom.com


Compassionate Depossession taught by Betsy Bergstrom or her affiliates.

Registration Details:

Contact betsy@betsybergstrom.com with subject Adv Comp Depo for a registration form.
Also state if you are applying for both Compassionate Depossession and Advanced Compassionate Depossession to receive a $100.00 discount.

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