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Betsy Bergstrom is a full-time Spiritual Teacher and Practitioner who has studied with healers and spiritual teachers from many wisdom traditions around the world. She has been lovingly encouraged by her teachers to share her insight, techniques and experiences. Like many of us, her family heritage is diverse, with roots in Norse, Scottish and Native American cultures. Betsy is an international teacher of healing practices including Compassionate Depossession, which she has developed and taught for more than a decade. She also pioneered Compassionate Mediumship and Curse Unraveling classes for healing practitioners.

Currently, she is teaching teachers in Compassionate Depossession to facilitate and allow this safe and sacred work to reach out into the community into places it is needed. As a practicing Buddhist and student of Lama Tsering Norbu Wangdu Rinpoche, she is authorized to teach the ancient, powerful and beautiful Chod practice along with other Vajrayana Buddhist teachings.

"My role and goal in teaching is to remember and to bring wisdom tradition teachings from their origins in the past, into the present to bring needed enrichment and grace in these times and strengthen these traditions as they go forward into the future."

Betsy has a new weekly Podcast series about the Hidden World with her friends Gabriela Sarna and Sea Gabriel inspired by the Norse goddess Saga in which they take on the role of Fairy Godmothers in Training. Check out :
Saga Kraft
Stories, Myth and Fairytales

Sandra Ingerman, author of "Soul Retrieval", says,
"Betsy Bergstrom is a brilliant teacher and healer. She is clear, grounded, authentic, and teaches from a place of integrity. Betsy is a true shaman, and I highly recommend her work." Of her depossession training, Sandra Ingerman writes, "Betsy is the one I would train with in depossession. I think she is a brilliant teacher."

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